Colored crowns

Everything I tried to new icons was so-tried-before, so I just used my improvisation; they look like a total chaos and I actually don't know if are they nonsenses or true masterpieces, haha. Anyways it was fun to make them!

p.s. I have a new header too!

[25] Soap&Skin

[02] Soap&Skin

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New graphics

New year, new design... and ofc some new graphics from me! This time I made a bunch graphics of Norah Jones + some stock wallpapers I've made some time ago (they are kinda creepy, I guess my mood wasn't very good when I was making these...) but I decided to upload them anyways.

[30] Norah Jones

[02] Norah Jones

[03] Stock

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Joanna & Natasha

I was making those for a loong time and only last night I had finnished them. I found a strange thing that the best graphics I make at night! Well, for normal people it's a sleep time, not graphics-making, but yeah I do everything backwards.
hO, and this time is for Joanna Newsom and Natasha Khan, they have artistical pictures! Though, those icons could be better, but oh well, maybe next time.

[37] Joanna Newsom
[41] Bat For Lashes

[01] Joanna Newsom
[01] Bat For Lashes

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